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Game Thinking
Meets E-Learning

The Opportunity

As the national governing body of golf for the U.S. and Mexico, one of the United States Golf Association (USGA)’s core missions is to write, maintain and disseminate the rules of play for the game of golf. They tapped Flightpath to create and deploy an interactive training platform that serves as an official learning curriculum for attaining various levels of mastery of the rules.

Our solution merges game thinking with eLearning fundamentals to enable multiple audience segments (beginners, enthusiasts, Pros, Trainers, etc.) to increase or verify their knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

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The Solve

Game-based experiences drive use, engagement and retention of learning programs. The underlying reason for this is because “play” is how we learn -- by doing.

Flightpath delivered a cohesive user experience platform in which we reach target audiences in a clear, engaging and effective manner. Our self-guided gamified experience uses a hierarchical approach to put the most important rules in context, and provides a “way in” to the rules based on user need and input. By giving learning to users in a context they can apply when they play golf, we made the experience of the rules worthy of the game of golf itself!

Each topic is covered in a storytelling fashion that combines video, text, quizzes/games, images and interactive features. And hooks to social platforms let participants share and celebrate their accomplishments with others.





How and Why

Better understanding of the rules of golf by participants at any level improves their appreciation of the game. By leveraging existing USGA multimedia training assets and making them more accessible/digestible our Rules of Golf Experience services a broad group of the association’s constituents.

Course content is based on practical and relevant golfing situations at the outset and becomes more theoretical and expansive as the course evolves but all content is aligned with learning objectives. New and legacy digital assets (video, animations, graphics, etc.) ensure the experience is fun, engaging and worthy of repeat visitation.

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