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Awlgrip is part of the international company AkzoNobel, with a long history of providing quality yacht coatings for customers worldwide. What started as an opportunity to build their brand through social media has developed into strategic and targeted messaging that focuses on peak times like industry events or product launches.

To build brand loyalty and increase sales, our strategy for social media has been a combination of organic and paid content focusing on their expertise, quality products and service. As one element of an ‘always-on’ social media marketing campaign,  we recently developed a special digital strategy to support a new product launch that pushed brand interactions even further.


To maximize anticipation for and conversation around Awlgrip’s new major product, we created a digital campaign for organic and paid media that rolled out in stages and crossed into live events.

Each stage of the 3-part campaign led customers from social channels to landing pages relevant to the product launch build-up, including an invitation to find out more at an international boat show in Monaco.

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How and Why

Awlgrip HDT was a major product launch, and we turned this into a strategic opportunity for updating Awlgrip’s key audience through data capture.

Organic content about the upcoming launch was supported by a multi-layered ad plan.

The first teaser ads led viewers to landing pages, allowing them to share their info for further updates. These initial ads were followed by a second round that built on strong recognition within the worldwide boating community and employed simple messaging to resonate with key industry audiences.

Final ads gave more information about the big reveal at an upcoming international boat show, and included giveaways for an extra incentive to view HDT in person at the show.

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