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Newman’s Own is a consumer packaged goods company offering great tasting, high-quality food and beverage products, founded by Oscar‐winning actor Paul Newman. 100% of profits from food sales are directed to the Newman’s Own Foundation which, in turn, supports children, their families, and their communities.

Flightpath was invited to play a key role in Newman’s Own’s 2022 brand refresh.


In conjunction with the launch of a new brand identity, product line and packaging, Flightpath created and launched two modern, dynamic new websites.

  • One dedicated to Newman’s own foods
  • One dedicated to the work of the Newman’s Own Foundation

Since the launch of these sites, the Flightpath team has partnered with Newman’s Own on SEO, email campaigns, new product launches, contests, promotions and general digital support.

How and Why

Combining the Newman’s Own food brand, with their philanthropic work and the iconic identity of its founder presents an amazing foundation for telling an impactful and purposeful story.

  • The all-new website shares their modern brand identity, product info, mouthwatering recipes and information about how the company nourishes and transforms the lives of children who face adversity. The site also leverages a modern, scalable online infrastructure that’s designed to fulfill a variety of corporate imperatives sustainably for years to come.
  • The all-new is organized and designed to emphasize the positive impact they are creating, as well as communicating the clear connection between their philanthropy and the food brand
  • The Flightpath team continues to support both the food brand and foundation with site optimization, purposeful email campaigns, exciting online contests and ongoing strategic and executional support.



Increase in website traffic since re-launch


Email subscriber increase