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The Opportunity

News 12 Varsity, the multimedia high school sports division of Cablevision, wanted a mobile experience that would aggregate material from its television and web outlets, appeal to students, parents and recruiters, and feature original content. We created a set of mobile apps that deliver a unique Varsity experience, while maintaining brand identity and acting as a complement to other News 12 Varsity media.

  • Integrating access to live games
  • Delivering real-time score updates

The Solve

We pushed ourselves to create a new-form mobile app that would make experiencing News 12 Varsity more interactive than ever before, yet still co-exist with other News 12 Varsity Media.

The most recent version of the feature-rich app presents the News 12 Varsity experience in fresh and exciting ways:

Live streaming games and original shows from News 12
Latest game news, photos and highlights from the tri-state area
Personalized dashboard home page that users can configure based on a particular region, sport or school

The companion Sports Central app lets coaches enter scores, stats, rosters and schedules for teams they manage – with support for more than 30 sports and 800 schools in the New York tri-state area.

How and Why

The love of sports, particularly high school sports, often has greater meaning in our lives than we realize. Whether we play or watch, the emotional highs and devastating lows of wins, losses and spectacular plays become a part of our memories and who we are. News 12 Varsity has a rich heritage and powerful role in conveying the story of sports, and as a result, contains real emotional currency.


  • “Customize” tile on the home page that allows users to get recent news on a specific team, school, sport or region.
  • “Watch News 12” option offers live streaming of games, meaning students and alumni can watch their favorite teams, wherever they are.
  • “News 12 Scores” provides users with the latest high school scores and schedules, with the option to receive real-time score alerts for your favorite teams and sports.



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Winner: Cablefax 2013 Best Smartphone App Award

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