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The Opportunity

Darling Clementines is a sector of LGS Sales, an A-rated importer of fresh fruits and vegetables. The company wasn't active on social media, and tasked Flightpath with the challenge of growing their social media following and engagement. Darling Clementines had low share of voice and little to no social engagement. There was a need to:

  • Deepen Darling Clementines' brand connection with current customers
  • Reach new customers
  • Stand out among competitors
  • Inspire purchase of Darling Clementines in the US

The Solve

Darling Clementine's competitors' marketing is largely targeted toward families with children, so in order to deepen their brand connection with customers, we identified an opportunity to stand out as the clementine for everyone.

We focused on growing Darling Clementines' Facebook and Pinterest accounts, and created an Instagram account to tap into the image sharing community.





To grow these accounts, we created a content strategy for each social platform. Flightpath posted daily, ideating and executing on each piece of content, and managed the community by monitoring and engaging with commenters. In addition to content creation and distribution, Flightpath measured and reported on content performance to ensure constant optimization. Flightpath's social media team presented Darling Clementines in a new light by:

  • Producing creative work developed with in-house photography and design
  • Creating 'The Peel of Approval,' an ownable approach to showcasing user generated content
  • Instituting seasonal promotions
  • Advertising on social channels

How and Why

Prior to enlisting Flightpath, Darling Clementines didn't have a consistent look and feel among social channels. We established a creative visual consistency that allows Darling Clementines to be recognized more often by more people.

More than 29% of social media consumers are on a social network while they eat or drink at home, which makes social media & food a natural fit. But simply posting to social channels wouldn't do the trick. We developed content buckets that aligned with Darling Clementines' brand voice and business goals. We then tested to see what resonated and adapted our content accordingly.



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