Strategically Improving
Business Outcomes


Digital Strategy

UX/Web Design

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Spectrum is one of the largest cable operators in the United States, providing high value, products, services and features for their markets.

In the digital space, Spectrum is always evolving their offerings and messaging with these goals in mind:

Increase sales of Internet, TV and Voice

Improve user experience

Solve is a massive website detailing information and services, with a mandate to achieve multiple business imperatives. As a key strategic partner, Flightpath’s focus has been to improve website UX, introduce important offers & events, and help organize and upsell products in a way that is easy to understand and purchase.

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How and Why

The Spectrum website serves as a direct response acquisition channel, providing info-rich content in a dynamic and changing environment. Our contributions to the site are executed in a variety of ways to ensure optimal customer engagement and business outcomes.

UX Evaluation & Support

Rolling strategic consultation and design for improved user experiences, including introduction of new customer tools with an eye on reduced cart abandonment and overall business growth.

Iterative Designs

From concept to execution, our ongoing design and copywriting for all parts of the site drives new customer acquisition and upsell.

Mobile-First Experience

We’re regularly tasked to introduce new design/UX formats and idioms that fit within brand standards in the interest of realizing a mobile-first strategy.

Seasonal Promotions

We expertly showcase focused content within homepage banners, updated monthly or as needed in support of special promotions.

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