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Is Umbraco the right CMS for you?

Is Umbraco the Right CMS for You?

Coleman Research Group and Bway Zone. We love the open-source CMS because it gives us the ability to develop easy-to-manage sites for our clients, and it’s constantly evolving and improving. Umbraco is one of the most deployed Web Content Management Systems on the Microsoft stack. Just last week, Umbraco surpassed 400,000 active sites worldwide. Umbraco can be used for a website of any size, from a small local business to a Fortune 500 company. In addition to the CMS, Umbraco offers Umbraco Cloud, a fully managed hosting service tuned for Umbraco. Read on to learn more about what Umbraco CMS and Umbraco Cloud have to offer.

See if Umbraco is Right For You
Need a new CMS? See if Umbraco is right for you.

Umbraco CMS

As we mentioned, Umbraco is an open-source CMS, which is why the service is constantly improving upon itself. The huge community of Umbraco users works together to evolve the service, and Umbraco listens. We’ve outlined a few notable features of the Umbraco CMS below:
Powerful editing capabilities
Umbraco’s editing tools are highly intuitive. Media management, responsive views, and approval workflows make for a seamless site management experience.
Open source
Anyone can access Umbraco’s source code in any way without licensing or copyright requirements. This means you can’t be limited to what’s available from the product (every developer’s dream). It also means no financial overheads or lock-in, and a lot of flexibility and freedom for creativity.
Media management
File management, easy drag-drop media insertion, and responsive cropping make any site editor into a designer.
Safe, responsive preview
Avoid errors with Umbraco’s preview mode, where editors can preview pages on any device before hitting the big red button.
Painless integration
Umbraco can be easily integrated with any 3rd party service using the fully extensible API. Lots of packages already exist for these integrations.
Freedom in design
Designers have full control over markup to make your website look exactly as you like, with no Umbraco specific knowledge needed. It’s easy to incorporate 3rd party HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Granular user permissions
Get granular with your user permissions to ensure control over content and actions to avoid the risk of user errors.
Multilingual capabilities
Umbraco’s multilingual capabilities make it a breeze to duplicate websites in multiple languages.
A Comprehensive Guide to Umbraco
A Comprehensive Guide to Umbraco

Umbraco Cloud

Everything mentioned above plus all-in-one Microsoft Azure hosting gives you access to clever and simpler workflows, frees you from manual upgrading, and makes painful deployment a thing of the past. Read on for more benefits from the Umbraco Cloud:
All-in-one hosting
State-of-the-art managed hosting on Microsoft Azure saves time on IT tasks like server setup, version upgrades, and painful deployments.
BaselineFlow allows you to reuse existing project components with one click, rather than repetitive project setup. This ensures consistency and quality across sites, and helps accurately predict project cost and time.
Content flow
Content editing and publishing can occur alongside feature developments in separate environments with Umbraco’s ContentFlow process.
Scalable solution
Flexibility and predictability in projects means Umbraco is scalable for use on 1 project or 100, for both low and high scale information and campaign sites.
Central user management
Permissions and preferences are centrally controlled by you — perfect for managing your team, working with external collaborators, and giving clients access to review, test, and provide feedback along the way.
Platform independent
Umbraco Cloud can be used by Mac and PC developers.
Solid infrastructure
Umbraco Cloud was built on a proven solid infrastructure with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
Automated upgrades
Umbraco Cloud automatically upgrades to the latest version of Umbraco, so no work is required to stay up-to-date.
Live support
When the Umbraco community isn’t able to help, you can chat with an expert with Umbraco’s live support.
Strong community
Umbraco wouldn’t be everything it is without its friendly and dedicated community of 220,000. At Flightpath, we frequently host Umbraco Meetups to get together with other developers from across the board to talk about challenges and ideas related to Umbraco. Visit this page if you’re interested in attending an Umbraco Meetup.

Umbraco Gold partners

At Flightpath, we’re happy to be one of Umbraco’s Gold partners. This means that we have certified Umbraco experts in-house, and support the core Umbraco CMS. Umbraco has 468 registered partners and 55 Gold partners. We’re proud to be the only Umbraco Gold partner in NYC! If you’d like to chat with our team to see if Umbraco is right for your project, you can reach us here.
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