Online Video

Feel the Power

For Improved Message and Brand Recall

One of the most compelling means of communicating online is to effectively leverage the power of video. At its essence, this form of digital communication is simply the application of technology to the age-old story telling process. It’s direct, emotional, impactful, and entertaining.

Flightpath’s seasoned production team creates all kinds of purposeful videos for use on websites, social media and beyond.

Brand Building
How To’s
Customer Service
Product Offerings
Customer Testimonials

Optimizing Your Clips

A product or concept that might be difficult to explain via text or images can often be easily demonstrated in a short clip.

Keeping it simple is relatively simple — know your audience and keep the message short. Be sure to include a good voice over for multi-tasking viewers who may not have their eyes on their screen at all time. And get to the point – quickly. Use of smart meta data and descriptions will ensure your videos are found, watched and shared.

Video is for Sharing

Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. But in early 2015, Facebook established itself as a serious rival when video posts on the platform overtook YouTube video posts.

Our Work In Motion

Click the thumbnails below to view some recent videos created at Flightpath.

Spectrum wireframe tablet mockup award
Time Warner Cable - TWC TV app
Display banner with oranges celebrating 25 years
LGS - Celebrating 25 Years
Wireframes for all digital platforms
CGS - BlueCherry B2B eCommerce
Weizmann video
Weizmann Institute - Care Share Repair