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Life is in Your Hands

It’s a Mobile World After All

In today's world, it’s critical to be wherever your consumers are. A custom mobile app or mobile responsive website puts you in the palm of their hands.

Mobile web usage has tripled year-to-year for three years in a row. Tablets have redefined the way users access and experience content. Can your brand afford to be left behind?

We Give Our Clients Fits

Flightpath covers all shapes and sizes. Should you create a custom app or a mobile responsive site? iPhone or Android? iPad or Android tablet? Consumer-focused or enterprise-driven? All of the above?

Our mobile strategies take into account your goals and targeted users. We'll develop the right content and tools, delivered on the right platforms and designed with the appropriate devices and screen sizes in mind.

Mobile Web

Know Your Users

Significant mobile initiatives begin with a thorough understanding of a specific user group. Beyond demographics, smart development fixates on mobile-user needs and solves problems relevant to their realities.

Knowing when, where, and how mobile intersects with consumer life frames our development process.

Woman in the city on her phone Woman in the city on her phone

Your Mobile World, Not Ours

Flightpath develops custom mobile applications and mobile responsive websites compatible with the latest technology and platforms, and tailored to your strategy.

We design and build a superior mobile experience that's perfect for your users — and perfect for your business, too.

Explore the Space of Proxy

A mobile application or responsive website functions as a stand-in to your business’ larger digital presence. At its best, mobile is lite, fluid, and fun. Whether targeted to consumers or enterprise users, our solutions provide anytime-anywhere access to products, services and information.

Life in Your Hands

Mobile is the disruptive force in the room for marketers, retailers and media companies. This 40-second video captures the enabling power of mobile from the human POV of us, the user.

Woman in the city on her tablet

Cases in Point

Be a Hero for
Lost Pets

Flightpath developed Merck’s HomeAgain PetRescuers app for a user group of dedicated pet lovers. With live alerts and interactive maps, users can help find lost pets in their area.

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Sports Results
on the Run

The stories of high school sports, how we experience them and what they mean to us – reimagined through mobile app technology.

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Drug Information
Served Fast

Designed by Flightpath, mobilePDR is the latest digital innovation from the Physicians’ Desk Reference®, offered at no cost to all US healthcare professionals.

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Download the Free App