Game-Based Learning

Using game mechanics to engage and reward visitors

Why Game Thinking?

“Play” is how we learn -- by doing. Our game-driven solutions give users real learning in a context that delights, informs and engages.

Gamification Philosophy: Yucky candy in a pretty wrapper

Our gamification philosophy says that when you change the context from user to player you’re on the road to increased engagement.

By creating an Engagement Loop, users invest time to unlock value –over and over again. Our solutions encourage users to invest by:

  • Visibly surfacing value they are receiving
  • Not surfacing all the value at once
  • Highlighting engagement opportunities throughout the experience
Icon diagram of an engagment loop

Deploying Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivators

You can’t increase the intrinsic value of something by adding game mechanics but you can make the value more visible. Providing informational feedback, sharing of progress and revealing a path for self-improvement are all exceptional motivators. But our intrinsic approach to learning primarily focuses on:

  • Mastering Challenges: The experience of being competent
  • Meaningfulness: Amplifying what already matters for the player

Extrinsic motivators induce participation in something the individual has little initial interest in. These can include:

  • Bait that snares and excites users
  • Breadcrumbs toward an experiential reward
Video game learning pacman design

Cases in Point

Gaming Thinking Meets

This dynamic new site merges game thinking with eLearning fundamentals to enable multiple audience segments (beginners, enthusiasts, Pros, Trainers, etc.) to increase or verify their knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

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Game-based immersive learning and a deeply thematic micro-site to get sales teams excited and engaged with new Showtime programming and events.

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