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New Report on US Hispanics and Digital Usage

It was with fascination that I consumed the new report from eMarketer: US Hispanics and Digital Usage: How They Differ from Non-Hispanics—and from One Another.  According to eMarketer the “report examines US Hispanics’ digital usage, comparing it with that of the general population while giving special attention to variations among different Hispanic population segments.”  As Goya Foods is a key Flightpath client, this is an important set of research for us to activate upon.

Some of our key takeaways include:

  • Smartphones: An above-average proportion of Hispanics have mobile-only internet access.
  • Coupons: Hispanics making less use of the internet as a shopping tool than non-Hispanics do. Smartphones come into play when Hispanics seek bargains. Coupon usage (including digital coupons) is strong among Hispanics.
  • Social Media: Social media penetration is slightly above average among Hispanics, though Facebook penetration is a bit below average


  • YouTube: The availability of content tailored to specific audiences is clearly part of YouTube’s appeal for Hispanics.