At Flightpath we’re obsessed with efficiency. There’s nothing like the feeling of discovering a shortcut or tool that streamlines a workflow. Since we know you agree, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Chrome extensions to help out our fellow designers. This list was crafted by Flightpath’s Creative Director, Steven Louie, so rest assured it’ll be worth your while to try them out. Enjoy!



What is is: An extension that helps develop websites with per pixel accuracy
What we use it for: We use PerfectPixel to place a semi-transparent image overlay on the top of developed HTML for a per pixel comparison
Download it here


 GetThemAll Video Downloader

What is is: Universal video and file downloader
What we use it for: To find all downloadable files on a web page and download multiple files at once
Download it here


 What Font

What is is: Font identifier
What we use it for: Hover over web fonts to discover the font type, size, weight, and line height
Download it here


 Window Resizer

What is is: Google Chrome window resizer
What we use it for: Quickly view different window sizes to test user functionality
Download it here


 Full Page Screen Capture

What is is: Makes for easy full page screenshotting
What we use it for: Ever tried to scroll while taking a screenshot to capture the whole page? We use this app often to turn full web pages into images
Download it here
Did we miss anything? Tweet at us @Flightpathny to share your favorite Chrome extensions for designers.


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