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5 of the best Chrome extensions

5 Essential Chrome Extensions for Designers

Steven Louie, so rest assured it’ll be worth your while to try them out. Enjoy!  


What is is: An extension that helps develop websites with per pixel accuracy What we use it for: We use PerfectPixel to place a semi-transparent image overlay on the top of developed HTML for a per pixel comparison Download it here  

 GetThemAll Video Downloader

What is is: Universal video and file downloader What we use it for: To find all downloadable files on a web page and download multiple files at once Download it here  

 What Font

What is is: Font identifier What we use it for: Hover over web fonts to discover the font type, size, weight, and line height Download it here  

 Window Resizer

What is is: Google Chrome window resizer What we use it for: Quickly view different window sizes to test user functionality Download it here  

 Full Page Screen Capture

What is is: Makes for easy full page screenshotting What we use it for: Ever tried to scroll while taking a screenshot to capture the whole page? We use this app often to turn full web pages into images Download it here Did we miss anything? Tweet at us @Flightpathny to share your favorite Chrome extensions for designers.
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