As modern-day marketers, we know the importance of creating great content to draw in new customers. What’s less clear is what content we should be creating and who we should be creating it for.

Creating content for the sake of having it doesn’t cut it anymore. Four of every 10 websites have seen a decrease in traffic over the past three years, according to

We need to be niche and relevant. We need to be engaging. We can’t be disruptive. We know the rules — but where to start?

We need to create engaging content, but where to start?

With a content strategy, of course. Creating a plan for your content based on your customers and their likes/dislikes/buying habits will make for a solid flow of lead-generating content.

A thorough study of our customers will inform us of the issues they face in their day-to-day lives. How can your company solve those issues? The answer to that question will define the direction of your new content strategy.

The content you’ll begin to produce based on your buyer personas will provide your sales team with useful lead intelligence. This data can inform future content creation decisions and the way you interact with your customers. It can even improve your product. Now you see the importance of creating a content strategy.

Already have a content strategy?

If you already have a content strategy, when was the last time you updated it? Especially in a B2C capacity, our customers are constantly changing. If you haven’t reevaluated your strategy in the past year, it’s time to freshen it up.


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