We’re excited to announce the launch of the newly re-imagined Coleman Research website. Coleman approached Flightpath with the objective of refreshing their site’s user experience and design, along with their branding as a whole. Flightpath approached the redesign as an opportunity to ensure that Coleman’s brand values were fully reflected in its online presence.

Coleman is an expert network firm, helping thousands of clients get industry insights and connecting them directly with industry experts. Their clients include global investment firms, consultancies and corporations.

Flightpath set out to articulate Coleman’s digital brand voice while effectively engaging all three of their target audiences: potential customers, industry experts, and potential employees.

We began with a discovery process, involving key stakeholders from Coleman and several members of the Flightpath team. From there we performed competitor reviews, persona analyses, and a creative brainstorm.

Our creative team ran with this concept and designed the website with an immersive user experience that guides users through a prescribed discovery user flow. The new site architecture enhances clarity and ease-of-use. Strong, succinct language coupled with aspirational imagery resonates with the target audiences, building confidence in Coleman and its standard of service.

Image of Coleman website on different devices.

The responsive website was developed as a series of custom grid editors with the new Umbraco Grid feature of Umbraco 7. This new technology and unique content management approach will give Coleman more flexibility to edit and adapt their website.

The improved user experience makes Coleman stand out as a forward-looking player and industry leader in a competitive space. Our pursuit of improving their communication to better engage their target audiences resulted in an innovative, disruptive approach that is unlike any other B2B website we’ve seen.

Is Umbraco the Right CMS for you?

Is Umbraco the Right CMS for you?


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