The one-day event, known as the Super Bowl, has now become a multi-week event for marketers thanks in large to social media. Despite that NBC just finished selling all the available ad space for Sunday’s big game, brands have been sharing their Super Bowl ads and teasers all week via Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

What was once known as the Super Bowl has now evolved into the “Social Bowl” and what used to be all about football has grown to be about social media marketing. With “#Deflategate” riling up social media two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, we’re positioned to see the heaviest concentration in social activity of any three day period of the year. And, given all the chatter Marshawn Lynch is creating being in early “Beast Mode”, Katy Perry’s incredible social popularity, viral Super Bowl commercials, as well as the heavy “cheater” fumes still in the air and if the Patriots win, the social media insanity promises to be #epic!

This year users are jumping at the chance to use social media to weigh-in their thoughts on Super Bowl commercials as well as participate in some cases. As you can see in Crowdtap’s infographic below, 85% percent of people said they prefer the Super Bowl with ads, rather than without, and a whopping 74% of viewers said that they would “take action on social media” if a Super Bowl ad asked them to.


Vegas is betting big (as usual) and giving few points, the social winners will be a game within a game and worth reporting and watching!  Let this serve as the kick-off of the Social Bowl and we’ll be reporting on it all next week with our favorite examples and insights!

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