We don’t just consume or interact with brands.  We develop an ongoing relationship with them and connect with products the same way we connect we people.  This year, take that consumer-brand relationship to the next level by creating more brand love.

What is ‘brand love’ exactly?  It’s a customer’s deep loyalty to a brand that extends beyond a transactional relationship.  How do brands create this loyalty?  By creating meaningful interactions and unexpected customer experiences, marketers are able to strongly align their brand with feelings of security, good fortune and general well being.

Here are 7 ways to create more brand love in 2015:

  1. Inspire random sharing of positivity—social media loves stories of human kindness. Given all the negativity in our world, brands have the budgets, awareness and connections to influence happy.
  2. Be more colorful- in design, copy, everything. The EDM phenomenon has as much to do with “escaping into color” as it does listening to beats and loving DJ’s.  Brands are best when they are escape vessels.
  3. Keep it short and sinful- any brand, not just chocolate or “intimate apparel” can be seductive without being creepy.  And they can do it outside of February! Tapping into human emotions and moments is all about real brandness.
  4. Get in on the sports and entertainment conversation.  From brandness to badass—vicarious thrills, unexpected drama is why we all covet entertainment and sports.  Brands need to be part of this ever expanding and captivating story.  Black Swan won hearts and Oscars.
  5. Sample like you mean it—don’t shoot yourself in the mouth by being cheap. This is a must for food brands, but ultimately all brands need to give it up when sampling and during trial windows. Err on the side of negative ROI, if anything!
  6. Be bold and beautiful—brand Obama in 08’ was as “B&B” as it gets. Being declarative, aspirational and sexy is pretty much unbeatable in any aspect of life but especially if you’re branding a product, person or movement.
  7. Take a time out—wear-out is real and happens faster with integrated 24/7 digital media.  Brands need to be sensitive and show they understand digital consumption. Frankly I am so sick of the same commercials and overkill adverts, I struggle to watch any nighttime television programming.
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