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5 Reasons You Should Consider Umbraco For Your Next CMS

With so many options available, deciding on a CMS platform can be a daunting and frustrating task—think wedding planning or car buying.  While there are certainly reasons people go with big players like WordPress or Joomla, we think CMS upstart Umbraco is worthy of your consideration if your website wishlist includes hassle-free customization, a user-friendly interface and great customer support.

Umbraco logo

Flightpath recently attended uWestFest 2014, North America’s first Umbraco festival, to learn about their latest software, Umbraco 7, and gain some insight on the benefits of this CMS platform.

1. Easy-to-use interface

The platform prides itself on being extremely intuitive and fast, which makes it an appealing platform for non-developer, non-designer users.  Translation: Less time learning the technology equals more time focusing on your business.

Alex Lindgren at uWestFest

 2. Great search and indexing service

Flightpath’s very own Senior Director of Technology, Alex Lindgren, spoke at uWestFest 2014 about the reasons to love Umbraco’s search capabilities.

“Umbraco provides a powerful API for building custom search because let’s face it, site visitors want to find relevant content quickly,” said Lindgren.

3. Passionate developer community 

While the cult-like community of Umbraco developers is rapidly growing, they remain a tight-knit group eager to answer questions and get involved in forum discussion.

4.  Highly customizable for content managers

Umbraco allows designers to build websites that are equal parts beautiful and customizable.


Flightpath recently created an Umbraco site for WageWorks that centers around interactive tiles that can be easily updated by the content manager and provide flexibility for page layout.

5.     Extensive support system

Getting things fixed on your website is a lot easier thanks to Umbraco’s support tools.  Users have access to a library of over 100 video tutorials as well as an umbraco wiki filled with step-by-step tutorials.  (If you’re willing to dish out some cash, Umbraco also offers a premium support service for around $4000)

If this seems like a perfect match for your website needs, Umbraco has a helpful list of developer recommendations on their site—including Flightpath who is now an official Umbraco Certified Partner.