Lucky FABB is a fashion and beauty blogger conference that provides an environment to learn more about every aspect of blogging; from how to make the most out of social media to how to monetize – it’s all there. Here is a photo recap of Lucky FABB highlights via my personal favorite social network, Instagram!


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First up was Eva Chen the Editor and Chief of Lucky Magazine! Eva has a very current way of thinking about how fashion media should be delivered and devoured in this now very digital world we live in. She shared how much weight she puts on technology and online influencers and how Lucky FABB is a place to bring the two together.


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Eva Chen was followed by the panel Community ROI: Turning Your Readers Into Your Advocates. The panel consisted of Gabi Gregg of GABIFRESH, Alisa Gould-Simon from Pose and Erica Domesek from P.S. I Made This…! All three websites have a vast amount of vocal and engaged followers. These amazing women made an interesting point about how important it is to make your blog or online business connect to life off of the internet – this is how you start to really make a mark.


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Another amazing thing that was incorporated into the Lucky FABB schedule was the Founders Series: How I Made It. These breakout sessions allowed for smaller groups to hear about the journeys of  women who have made a splash in the tech industry! One of these inspiring women, Jess the CEO of Polyvore, really emphasized that you should always be seeking that slightly uncomfortable feeling that you get when you are just outside of your comfort zone, that this is when you will achieve the most!


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This year’s Lucky FABB Blogger Conference also had one major theme that ran throughout all the different panels and breakout sessions: be nice. Everyone from Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo, to Gabi Gregg, a personal style blogger, hit on the importance of having good digital karma. So – on that note, go forth and spread the digital love by sharing this post!

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