Here at Flightpath, we’ve quickly immersed ourselves in the holiday spirit. With the office decorated, cauldron full of candy, and spiders hanging on the door; we’ve decided that it’s the perfect time to share some of our favorite Halloween apps!

When finding Halloween apps, we had a few cardinal rules that were important; we wanted to fully enjoy the spirit of Halloween!  The four apps below were not only fun to use, but we found ourselves revisiting them over and over, enjoying them more each time around.



Zombie Booth

Who we’d recommend it for: Everyone

With the never-ending obsession with Zombies, Zombie Booth 3D, is a perfect fun app for the season. With one quick picture, you can see how you would look walking alongside the dead.  What we enjoyed most about Zombie Booth is how easy it was to use, and that the graphics were actually enjoyable, even a little on the creepy side, which makes this a winning fun app.

What we would change: This app seems to have a hard time staying up for more than one picture. We really didn’t enjoy opening and closing the app every time we wanted to create a new zombie.

Best time to use this app: Whenever you’d like to post a zombified picture of yourself to one of your numerous social media platforms.

Price: $.99



Halloween Sounds

Who we’d recommend it for: The Prankster

Want to scare trick-or- treaters? Want to creep out your neighbor walking through the halls? Or how about your co-workers as they work? Give yourself a big laugh and try Halloween Sounds.  Halloween Sounds is an Andriod app that has over 145 scary sounds. You can perfectly time a creepy sound and really bring in the scare. We thoroughly enjoyed making the sounds into ringtones, sound bits, and saving the sounds to our phone was quite simple.  In general, we found this app to be very easy to use and extremely multifunctional.

What we would change: This app is not available on iOS. We really wish it were because it really is a fun app.

Best time to use this app: We’re excited to use this app when opening the door for trick-or-treaters.





House of Horrors

Who we’d recommend it for: Movie Lovers

What’s better than being in the season and watching a ton of classic, scary movies? Warning : Don’t expect to find Chucky or Hocus Pocus here! We’re talking about real classics. This app is a true gem with oldies, but goodies.   Although the movie quality isn’t great, the actual content is worth the download.  You’re able to stream over 100 movies on your phone, iPad, or even connect to your smart TV. What’s really great about this app is the actual movie database. You’re able to see some names that you’d be familiar with including B-list Hitchcock and Bela Lugosi films. It’s also a great way to explore movies you might not find elsewhere. Design wise, we liked the ease of the app. It reminded us of Netflix with the tiles of movies showing when you go to pick one to watch.  Another bonus: you can enjoy scary movies anywhere as long as you have wifi or 3G/4G network.

What we’d recommend to watch:  Night of the Living Dead. After all, it is Halloween.

What we would change:  Nothing.

Best time to use this app: Hook it up to your smart TV, Apple TV, or Roku and have a scary movie marathon. This app really pays for itself.

Price: $1.99




True Ghosts Stories From Around the World

Who we’d recommend it for: The Thrill Seeker

No Halloween is complete without a really great ghost story, or a few. “ True Ghost Stories From Around the World” brings the horror right to your phone. With weekly updates, you are sure to find stories that really spook you.  Subscribers are encouraged to submit their own stories, videos, and pictures alongside more famous or researched stories.

What we’d recommend: We thought that the scariest stories were the ones involving NYC. There’s something eerie about knowing exactly where something took place or knowing you aren’t far from it!

What we would change: Although this app updates weekly, sometimes the stories are not filtered through completely. Otherwise, this app does exactly what it’s set out to do: scare.

Price: $.99


 Do you have a favorite Halloween app that you’d like to share with Flightpath? Drop us a line!


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