Facebook is making changes to News Feed to ensure that important, interesting posts don’t get buried under less interesting content in user’s News Feeds. Posts that receive a lot of engagement in the form of clicks, likes, shares, comments etc will be pushed up to a more prominent position at the top of the News Feed.

News Feed Change Affect on Facebook Brand Pages

Facebook News Feed changes are exciting for brands who have a great engagement rate with users. In the past, brand posts could be outranked by less engaging content from friends of users or other brands.

Now brand page posts (and news from your friends that is getting a lot of interaction) will stay higher in the News Feed which means they will have a longer life and reach more users.

Brand pages with less than engaging posts will be destined to likeless obscurity on the bottom of fan News Feeds. In order to ensure this does not happen, marketers need to take a good look at Facebook Insights and supply more content similar to posts that have done well in the past. Insights was recently revamped to help page managers identify what type of posts are working well and which types are being ignored.

How Facebook News Feed Changes Affect Non-Marketing Folks

The News Feed is not only good news if you manage a Facebook brand page, but also if you are just a normal Facebook user on the platform to keep up with the life events of friends and family.

If you have ever found out that your friend had a baby in a post right below a check-in from your sixth-grade science partner at the Omaha airport, you will be happy with the changes.

Facebook found that people do not read far enough down in their News Feed to uncover all new posts. By surfacing content with a higher engagement rate (like congratulatory comments on that new baby) the News Feed changes will benefit everyone.

How to Get the Most Out of Facebook News Feeds Changes 

It has always been important to create social content that your audience finds interesting, but now it is vital. Think about what content your audience wants to see, and not just what you as a marketer want them to see/watch/buy. Writing great content instead of advertorial posts is more important than ever.

Why Facebook Keeps on Changing 

Facebook has to share our social media time with more and more competing sites. As more time is spent on Instagram, Pinterest and others- Facebook needs to show value. These changes to News Feed ensure that users will not miss their friend’s big life events, as well as their fav brands latest news.

Facebook needs to defend their position as the place people go to share the most important moments of their life, and where brands go to interact with consumers. The more engagement users and brands get on their posts, the more value they will place on the platform. More time on site from users means more ad clicks for brands and more money for Facebook.

Face it, if Facebook was still the place where your “friends” sent you virtual birthday cake- you wouldn’t waste your client’s time and money on the site. It has to change to stay relevant and keep brand dollars flowing.

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