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SXSW Session – Technology, Imagination, and Exponential Thinking

With the ability to have information at your fingers in a matter of moments, attention is becoming a limited resource. There is a shrinking lag time between what we can imagine and what we can create. With social networks, minds are meeting all over the world and transcending the limit of what can be achieved.

Jason Silva persuades us to start thinking “exponentially.” Even though this type of thinking is enlightening, it is counter intuitive to how our brains have evolved. However, when we begin thinking exponentially instead of linearly, the possibilities are endless. Leveraging technology with this type of thinking can transform the world and truly affect lives. It opens up a world of possibility and allows us to think BIG.

Most people aren’t engaged though and are stuck with limited beliefs. How do we engage with these audiences and shake up their daily lives? With ideas… delivered to their fingertips via their smart phones. The most important realization of this discussion was that people are willing to start thinking differently when given the right inspiration.