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Brands Take Over SXSW

Looking for a place to charge your phone? Thinking about relaxing with a mini massage Wanting a snack, or free stuff? Brands at SXSW have taken over the Austin Convention Center with their different offers to entice the crowds, but which are making the biggest impacts? Flightpath counts down the top 5 engaged brands at SXSW.


5. AT&T – Phone Charging Lockers

AT&T allows conference goers the opportunity to securely charge their phones while they experience the conference. Just grab the key from the locker. Even though there are many charging stations throughout the conference, this is the only station that allows you to walk away for a period of time without worry.


4. Chevrolet – Catch a Chevy

If you’re in line to catch a shuttle to or from the convention center,you should keep an eye out for a Chevy in traffic. Chevrolet is offering complimentary rides to and from the event, allowing people to save time, money, and skip the line to see Grumpy Cat.


3. Samsung – Blogger Lounge Hosted by TechSet
Whether you’re between sessions or looking for somewhere to get done, this lounge is the place hang out. It’s where you can collaborate with others, be surprised by guest appearances, and win prizes.


2. American Airlines – Travel Hackathon

It’s time to relax with American Airlines. Sign up for free mini massages and get re-energized for the rest of the conference.


1. Oreo – Grab & Go


The most interesting set up comes from Oreo, a first time SXSW sponsor. Not only do they entice people to grab some oreos, they engage the crowd with their interactive screens and game play. When playing, a person has their photo taken and it is super-imposed with an environment in Austin. They need to guess where they are for a chance to win a gift card to that place. But even if you don’t guess correctly, Oreo doesn’t let you walk away empty handed – with Oreos and Wireless phone chargers.