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2011 Social Media Marketing Trends and Best Practices

Social Media Marketing 2011 Trends and Best Practices

Everyone knows by now that social media in general and social media marketing in particular is incredibly fluid and dynamic. With that disclaimer, I want to introduce a new Flightpath deck entitled ‘2011 Social Media Marketing Trends and Best Practices.’

Some of the ideas and concepts contained herein date back 2008 and publication of the breakthrough book ‘Groundswell,’ by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. Some of these innovations were introduced by Facebook last week. Some of these points are common sense and some of them are open to debate.
It breaks down as follows:

PART 1: SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY – With facts, stats and observations about the overall SM landscape

PART 2: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING MECHANICS – Presenting overarching themes for development of Social Media Marketing campaign

PART 3: KEY CAMPAIGN COMPONENTS – With practical, usable guides to things like Facebook Ads, effective Facebook Promotions, building a Twitter following, and key social media campaign measurement stats

We welcome your comments on the deck and hope you’ll share it with friends and colleagues that may find it to be of interest.

Follow this link to download the deck.