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Candy and Social Media

Is Candy Evil? Confer with Your Social Network

I quit smoking 10 years ago and in the process, ended up exchanging one oral fixation (smokes) for another (candy).  I’m not super-crazy about the stuff but do probably consume more of it than most people and even had to forbid our office manager from regularly filling a communal candy bowl so that I wouldn’t gain (too much more) weight.   – I guess you could say, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with sweets.  So, it was with real interest that I read an article in this week’s New York Times with the title ‘Is Candy Evil or Just Misunderstood?’

While the story did address the pro or con question, the main gist of the piece was: people are passionate about candy!  This should probably come as no surprise.

There are blogs like Candy Addict and Candy Blog.  Apparently, last century doctors blamed candy for the spread of polio! And of course, all kinds of boutique candy companies are popping up – from Liddabit Sweets (quoted in the article) to my West Village neighborhood’s Chocolate Bar.

So, whenever people are passionate about something, where does it provoke the most attention or conversation?  It shouldn’t be a secret that (as of this writing) Skittles has 11,731,208 Facebook fans or that Nestle Crunch has a respectable 242,003 likes.

Candy and social media go together (like chocolate and peanut butter).  So seek out your favorites – whether they’re Life Savers Gummies or Dylan’s Candy Bar and partake in the conversation.  Happy Halloween.