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Change Is In The Air

Fall is always a fresh and interesting time of year for me: the end of summer heat, the crispness of the early AM chill, and warm afternoons filled with memories of seasons gone by. This change of season could not be a better, timelier metaphor for the new Flightpath website and blog that launch today. Without going point by point, comprehensively, let me say our change to a fresh site design and a re-focused blog is based on our evolving point of view of the real importance of emotional content in a digital world.

What I am saying surely rings true for many of us who started early in the brave new world of digital marketing. I launched the agency that is now Flightpath back in 1994, and for quite some time, strong visual design and breakthrough technology won the day. That said, great technology is no longer the killer app (pun intended) of great digital marketing but, rather, functions now as a practical and understood fundamental. Visual design is still important, but as a means to an end, rather than an end unto itself. As an agency steeped in a constantly evolving skill set, we know and thoroughly appreciate the importance of the many sides of what digital fluency means today—from the broad view of the social web to the opportunities of dynamic SEO/SEM nimbleness to being very hip to app development and deployment.

So what’s the Flightpath story as we race toward 2011? It’s not a design story and it’s not rocket science either (read: tech). Our work on behalf of many of our clients over the past 12-to-18 months or so reflects a real evolution into what we think of as rich “emotional currency,” the telling of important and insightful brand stories.

Digital platforms, social media, and even the specific world of blogging have provided incredible tools to deliver compelling “humanity-infused” brand value and story. This is the first of many posts that will thread this discussion.

Our blog historically, over the past two years, has been about a collective agency review of “everything digital.” While this blog will still patrol the digital landscape for important, influencing developments across the industry, our refocused Flightpath blog will really earn its keep by focusing the majority of its time/posts on connecting across the “digital un-divide” between the digital and emotional world. We know there is a lot to explore, a lot to say regarding the how (let alone the where, when and why) of digital platforms, and a lot to share about these brand stories told from a very human vantage point. I love adding value to clients and to our readers. It’s why the idea of creating “emotional currency” really works for me; it’s a declaration of value.

Thanks for reading and welcome to our brave—yet quite emotional—new world.  Welcome to the New Flightpath Site – And Blog.