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There’s a “Face Time” for That! How “Face Time” Changes Everything!

Apple has changed the way many people do business and do living. But most of what Apple has done is show what we were missing, when we had no idea we were missing it. It is Steve Jobs’ genius to be able to create need (and sell that need) as part of the human condition. Most very successful and ultra creative people become wealthy filling a need in the marketplace, Mr. Jobs is of the rare few able to cultivate need time and time again.
But the need I believe Mr. Jobs intentionally (or unintentionally) brought to life is the need for more interpersonal, inter-business “face time”, but not of his making. Not magically on his iphone4 when connected to another one or even played out via Skype, but real human face time in the same room at the same time. Why? Because we are people, at least most of us reading this, and people- especially emotionally connected ones- connect to other people’s vibes and other people’s visceral output. It’s true, human’s secrete emotional juices when they are excited about an idea and/or about other exciting stuff- can we agree to just leave it at that?!
Given secretion happens, one would think that THAT alone should get any selling or client presentation situation away from Go 2 Meeting time, let alone email it in time, to some face time. But it is so easy not to think of the difference, not to believe being in a real room at the same time could make all the difference in the world in connecting on a human and big idea level. We’ve made it too easy to ignore our human-ness and even easier to buy into our technology enabled plug-in anywhere pluggins!

I am glad our agency has bought into the power and potential to make “meeting in human” whenever possible (and whenever cost smart, time smart) as a better way to do business. We know our client’s see the potential of “real face time” meetings when ideas go from the screen to a sketch (or ipad) to a full blown and totally spontaneous brainstorm. It’s like the truest form of emotional currency taking over and creating a world of its own.

Real time, real human meetings create the unscripted reality that other forms of information sharing just can’t.  It is just this “serendipity” that often gets lost not only in translation, but totally today.  So to be more relevant to your clients and to the creative and digital world we inhabit today, make the effort to make it real- whenever you can.

You’ll be glad you did!!!