Steven Louie

Creative Director

Steven Louie is the Creative Director and a partner at Flightpath, where he directs an exceptional, high-performing creative team. As the head of Flightpath’s creative output for the past 18 years, Steven strives to always balance work that is compelling and disruptive enough to create engagement; delightful and user-friendly enough to continue engagement; and arresting and memorable enough to keep the user coming back for more.

Steven has directed a wide range of web, mobile, social, email and online video initiatives for a diverse group of B2B and B2C clients, including American Express, The New Yorker, Goya Foods, Cablevision, Sherwin-Williams and Merck. He serves as lead art director and captain of the user experience team, and views his role as to create, direct, lead, mentor and nurture.

A diehard Yankees and New York Giants fan and Apple enthusiast, Steven has a sweet spot for old school 8-bit pixel art. He broke his chops designing interactive presentations and software for the likes of Pfizer Pharmaceutics and Coldwell Banker in the early Nineties. Steven graduated with a B.S. from Columbia University.